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"Cleaning up" and "Reclamation"
of the Prince Mine at Point Aconi
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The Point Aconi site "is just pocked with open bootleg pits from the last two centuries... It is not a healthy or safe environment, and this goes a long way to cleaning up the devastation that has been left from a couple of centuries of coal mining in that area."
- DNR Minister David Morse, 28 March 2007

"At the end of the day, this issue is about cleaning up those sites and finding the best way to do it and in the environmentally right way as well"
- Premier Rodney MacDonald, 18 May 2006

Judge for yourself! From the TCH 105 at gasoline alley between Exits 17 and 18, turn north along Point Aconi Road about 10 kms then turn left onto the Prince Mine Road. Get out and look in the pits along the fence. Continue along the Prince Mine Highway and take the Trucks Only exit to the Point Aconi Power Plant, turn right at the entrance and go along the dirt road to Tony's Beach. Get out and hike up the dried up brook to the DNR crown stake overlooking the open pit strip mine along the shore.



Is your community next?

DNR's moratorium on "reclamation" of the other sites on DNR's map expires April 2009 when strip mining, under the obviously false pretext of "cleaning up", will come on stream across the region and provincewide if something doesn't change!!!

View DNR's presentation on "reclamation" at Little Pond, etc.

View CASM's presentation on "reclamation" at Point Aconi

Experience DNR's Bonding Process

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