Citizens Against Strip Mining

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(902) 563-2100
NS Environment Dept., Sydney

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  Contact Nova Scotia Government MLAs
"You try to understand why it is someone would put at risk what is so obviously an attractive way of life, an asset for the tourism industry, an asset for the agricultural industry - for what would essentially be very short-term gain." Darrell Dexter (NDP) r
Cole Harbour

Office of the Premier
7th Floor, One Government Place
1700 Granville Street
P.O. Box 726
Halifax, NS
B3J 2T3
Phone: (902) 424-6600
Fax: (902) 424-7648



"The issue was, and remains, that this government has cut the voices of communities right out of the process. Until the people of Cape Breton get their hearing on strip mining any other manoeuver, like a three year moratorium or reducing the size of Point Aconi, is just a deferral."

Frank Corbett (NDP) r
Deputy Premier

Cape Breton Centre

3397 Plummer Avenue
P.O. Box 1
New Waterford, Nova Scotia
B1H 1Z1
Phone: 862-9550
Fax: 862-9501


Charlie Parker (NDP) ?
Natural Resources Minister, Energy Minister

Dept. of Natural Resources
1701 Hollis Street
Founders Square
Halifax, NS B3J 3M8
Phone: (902) 424-4037


"The Department of Environment has a regulatory mandate to ensure that industry operates in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally responsible." Sterling Belliveau(NDP) ?
Environment Minister

Department of Environment
5th Floor, 5151 Terminal Road
P.O. Box 442
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2P8
Phone: (902) 424-3736
Fax: (902) 424-1599

"I challenge anybody in this House to drive over Kelly's Mountain and look at that hole that's there and the damage it's doing to our environment. It's a shame for this government."

Gordie Gosse (NDP) r
Cape Breton Nova

758 Victoria Road
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1N 1J6
Phone: (902) 564-9161
Fax: (902) 564-9975


  Stephen MacNeil (L) ?
Opposition Leader


Liberal Caucus Office:
5151 George St., Suite 1402
PO Box 741
Halifax, NS
B3J 2T3
Phone: 424-8637
Fax: 424-0539
Toll Free: 1-877-778-1917

Contact Cape Breton Regional Municipality Councillors
Mayor John W. Morgan r
"The province claims that what they’re doing on Boularderie Island is not strip mining, they claim that what they’re doing is reclamation. It may very well be that a very clear message goes out to the province of Nova Scotia, particularly in respect with strip mining coal in areas that residents are dependent on well fields, that we don’t want that approved for the region."

Deputy Mayor Claire Detheridge r
22 MacMillan Road, Sydney, NS B1L 1B1
P: (902) 564-9341 F: (902) 563-5179
"Strip mining is destructive to the point of creating unstsustainability. Strip mining destroys "Natural Capital", i.e. clean air, fertile soil, and usable water. Only the mining companies will benefit, but yet our communities will be destroyed. Provincial governments are selling us out. It is wrong! Politicians listen to the people, protect our Island, our farming , our fishing, our tourism and the island's natural beauty, remember it cannot be replaced."

2 Kevin Saccary r 335 Long Beach Road,
Port Morien, NS B1B 1G2
P: (902) 737-2821 F: (902) 737-3003
“The people of CBRM are against strip mining. If we disagree with the legislation the provincial government has in place that’s our position, to fight that legislation with every ounce of energy we’ve got. No one’s going to tell this councilor to sit down and shut up.”

7 Jim MacLeod r30 Matilda Street,
Sydney NS B1N 2T4
P: (902) 562-2427 F: (902) 563-5501
"The problem is that the Provincial government is not recognizing, for some strange reason, that they have a responsibility. The provincial government has to recognize that this is not the kind of development that we require here in CBRM to move forward."

9 Tom Wilson r 15 St. Peter’s Road,
Sydney, NS B1P 4P2
P: (902) 564-8496 F: (902) 564-5321
"Everybody realizes that the provincial government seems to be holding the trump card when it comes to strip mining. Instead of being represented provincially in regards to the best interests of the people I think we’re being dictated to."

3 Lee McNeil r 1 Crosby Street,
Glace Bay, NS B1A 6B6
P: (902) 849-6196 F: (902) 849-2127
"It seems to me we have to suck a-s-s with Halifax to pass something here in Cape Breton."

8 Ray Paruch r 55 Acadia Drive,
Sydney, NS B1P 3X9
P: (902) 562-4482 F: (902) 563-5129
"The main event is for the MLA’s, the inactive, unlistening MLAs who do not get involved, who do no want to hear, who do not want to heed the people. The problem is with the MLAs and the province of Nova Scotia. That’s where the problem is and that’s where the solution is."

5 Darren Bruckschwaiger r 116 Ocean Avenue,
Dominion, NS B1G 1R3
P: (902) 849-2737 F: (902) 842-2961
"If people are against strip mining I think we should make presentations to the province stating that we're with the residents. But if some one wants to come in with a plan to reclaim dangerous land in Dominion and help the residents I want to see that done."

16 Wes Stubbert r 23 Jardine Street,
Florence, NS B1Y 1J6
P: (902) 736-9556 F: (902) 736-0890
"What they’re proposing on Boularderie island has nothing to do with reclamation, it’s strip mining in its ugliest form. They don’t give a damn because it will make a few dollars for some well heeled friend. I will stand up and fight it 24 hours a day."

6 Frankie Morrison r 3591 Ellsworth Ave,
New Waterford, NS B1H 2G9
P: (902) 862-8516 F: (902) 862-2030

1 Brian Lahey r 741 Hills Road,
Albert Bridge, NS B1K 3H4
P: (902) 562-7687 F: (902) 562-5642

10 Charlie Long r 6 Jennifer Avenue,
Sydney, NS B1S 2Z4
P: (902) 539-3698 F: (902) 562-8065

11 Richard Fogarty r 50 Carmichael Drive,
Sydney River, NS B1S 3K3
P: (902) 562-6122 F: (902) 564-9042

13 Esmond Marshall r 127 Beach Road,
Eskasoni, NS B1W 1A5
P: (902) 379-2432 F: (902) 379-2810

14 Gordon MacLeod r 11 Moulton Ave,
North Sydney, NS B2A 1Z2
P: (902) 794-4261 F: (902) 794-5660

15 Clarence Prince r 9 Cambridge Ave,
Sydney Mines, NS B1V 2G4
P: (902) 736-8045 F: (902) 736-7580

4 Vince Hall r P.O. Box 4810
Reserve Mines, NS B1E 1K1
P: (902) 849-5580 F: (902) 842-2952

 Contact Victoria County Councillors

District #1

Dan E. MacNeil

4409 Highway 223
Iona, N. S.
B2C 1N8
Phone - (902) 725-2019 (h)
Phone – (902) 725-2844 (w)
Fax - (902) 725-2255

District #5

Mr. Fraser Patterson r
P.O. Box 1645
Bras d'Or, NS
B0C 1B0
Phone - 674-2703
Fax #
674- 0906

District #2

 Keith MacCuspic r
 R.R.# 3 Baddeck, NS, N. S.
 B0E 1B0
 Phone - (902) 295-3004 (h)

District #6

Lawrence Barron r
Box 7
Ingonish Harbour, N. S.
B0C 1L0
Phone/Fax - (902) 285-2895

District #3

Bruce J. Morrison r
P. O. Box 323
Baddeck, N. S.
B0E 1B0
Phone - (902) 295-3030 (h)
Phone - (902) 563-2487 (w)
Fax - (902) 295-1311

District #7

Wayne Budge, Warden r
Box 128
New Haven, N. S.
B0C 1N0
Phone - (902) 336-2798 (h)
Fax - (902) 336-2317

District #4

John Graham MacInnes r
Deputy Warden

Box 15, R. R. #1
Englishtown, N. S.
B0C 1H0
Phone - (902) 929-2369 (h)
Fax - (902) 929-2090

District #8

Robert MacLellan r
Bay St. Lawrence
R. R. #1, Dingwall, N. S.
B0C 1G0
Phone - (902) 383-2278
Fax - (902) 383-2868

Provincial Election Candidates in Cape Breton (so far)

Click for Survey of Cape Breton candidates in ridings to be strip mined

Fred Tilley (L)  r
Cape Breton North

Telephone: (902) 544-1110

"Strip Mining is a significant issue in Cape Breton North. We must ensure that all of our efforts are focused upon opening Donkin Mine to provide sustainable jobs and coal supplies for our area. We must ensure that no further strip mining occurs on our Island."

Federal Election Candidates for Sidney-Victoria
Mark Eyking (L)  r

500 Kings Road
Sydney, NS B1S 1B2
Toll Free: (866) 707-9800
Telephone: (902) 567-6275

"I have spoken to many concerned citizens and have heard their opposition loud and clear. I have seen the effects that strip mining can have on a community. There is too much at stake to allow strip mining to go forward without full community participation in the final decision."

Howie MacDonald (PC) r

Campaign Headquarters:
1086 Kings Rd
Sydney, NS B1S 1C7
Phone: 567-2998 (Sydney)
Phone: 794-2898 (North Sydney)
Phone: 862-4590 (New Waterford)
Fax: 567-2947

John Hugh Edwards (NDP) r

648 George Street,
Sydney, NS B1P 1K9
Phone: 902-539-5684

Chris Milburn (Green) r

Phone/Téléphone : 902-539-6852
Mobile/Cellulaire : 902-567-4166

Other Concerned Groups and Organizations

§       Albert Marshall, Eskasoni First Nation r
"They have been very successful in finding our resources,
taking the cash and running with it. But the natural world
has rights and we as a people have responsibilities."

§       The Bras d'Or and Northside Fisherman's Association r
§       The Bras d'Or Producers Cooperative r
§       Cape Breton University Student Union r
§       The Bras d'Or Stewardship Society r
§       Sierra Club of Canada Cape Breton Group r
§       The majority of residents in the affected areas r

Please note that CASM does not endorse any particular political party or candidate. CASM does welcome everyone's help to stop strip mining Cape Breton Island!

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