Bras d'Or, Boularderie Island, Big Bras d'Or, Seal Island

The Northern Loop of the Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic Drive is beginning to close, now that you've passed through George's River and find yourself once again on the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy. 105). This time you've arrived at Bras d'Or - the community that is - and to complete the loop you will head west on the Trans Canada toward Baddeck, and eventually back to Whycogomagh.

Don't be in a hurry to get through this area, you may miss some of the Island's hidden treasures, Boularderie Island for instance. Here's an idea for an afternoon side-trip. Turn down the Grove's Point Road at Bras d'Or (watch for the ice cream caboose) and drive along the shore of Boularderie Island until you reach the Grove's Point Picnic Park. Have a swim, maybe a picnic lunch if you brought one, relax for a while on the beach in the sun, or under a shady spruce. Then, relaxed and happy you can continue your drive around Boularderie Island up along it's northern shore until you come back to the Trans Canada Highway, this time at Seal Island.

Another side trip to consider. From Bras d'Or stay on the Trans Canada Highway until you come to Exit 16 to Millville and Big Bras d'Or. It's farming country along here, as the awesome fields and greenhouses will tell you. Stock up on some fressh veggies or homebaked bread (there's a farm market on this road and another one a short distance down the Kings Grove Road). With munchies in hand, make your way to one of the picnic parks in the area, have a snack, a swim, or a little hike. Or you could take a drive down Factory Road and watch the fishing boats coming and going. A little later you could board a tour boat and head out to sea where the Bird Islands, and the puffins, await you. To get back onto the Trans Canada Highway, continue driving on the Big Bras d'Or road and you will come to Exit 14 which will take you back onto the Trans Canada at Seal Island.

Beaches, Picnic sites, Hiking trails:
- Groves Point Provincial Park
- Dalem Lake Provincial Park
- Bras d'Or Provincial Park
- Ross Ferry Provincial Park

Point Aconi Coal-fired Generating Station, Point Aconi

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Because individuals and community groups have expressed concerns about environmental effects, the Dept. of Environment has commissioned Jacques Whitford to carry out a cumulative effects study of the areas proposed for strip mining. They would appreciate hearing from anyone with relevant information, comments or suggestions about your experience with surface coal mining in CBRM, concerns about environmental effects, benefits of surface coal mining to the community, etc. This report may form the basis of the Minister's final decision on strip-mining proposals submitted and is due August 31, 2005.

email at:
phone toll free: 1-866-279-9620 fax: 902-421-1990
by mail: c/o Surface Coal Mining Study Team, Jacques Whitford
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