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Don't be in a hurry to get through this area, you may miss some of the Island's hidden treasures, Boularderie Island for instance.

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The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club
Wednesday, June 29, 2005 (Photos from

There were 16 walkers at our last walk, Sunday, June 26th, in Point Aconi, this turned out to be a very pleasant walk, the weather was great, the start point was at the former DEVCO Prince Mine entrance gate, this was the last working underground coal mine on the island.

Bill Boutilier lead the walk and we got to see a close up view of the Point Aconi Power Plant, then proceeded down a country road, more of a trail then a road, a walk into a well hidden but great beach. During the walk we also got a view of the area that may or may not be used as a strip mine for coal, though there is the remanants of a former strip mine that is slowly beginning to heal as scar would upon flesh.

The highlight of the walk was the view from the Point Aconi lighthouse, the Bird Islands stand out off the coast and Cape Smokey could be seen in the far distance and we could see the Newfoundland ferry approaching North Sydney and a flottila of local fishing boats.!!

Normally I would like to put the same walk on again the following year, however we have the problem of not knowing if the area that we travelled on today will be there next year as there is a mining consortium wanting to re-establish a strip mine in this area. During this walk we encountered a small group who are trying to Stop Strip Mine in Point Aconi. They pointed out the area to be mined, the country side here would be devastated, the trail/walk would be ruined!!


Carboniferous Geology and Paleontology, Nova Scotia

A group of geologists from Kentucky were invited by the coal geologists of the Nova Scotia geological survey to spend several weeks exploring their coal-bearing rocks. This site contains a collection of photographs from their trip to the Great Bras D'Or channel and Bird Islands, Black Rock Point to Table Head section and more.

Cape Breton Miner's Museum
History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
The Geology and History of Coal in Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Department of Environment
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
NS Bill 118 - Protection from Strip Mines Act
Surface Coal Mine and Reclamation Project - Prince Mine Site
Coastal Construction License
Environment Canada

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